Not everybody has space for a huge garage. Sometimes, a garage can only accommodate one or two cars at a time. But what if your household owns more vehicles? Are you supposed to leave them out to be assaulted by the elements? Nope. Thanks to portable car shelters, you can now provide better protection for your vehicles. Here is a rundown of the best materials that you can choose for your portable car shelter.

Not all car shelters are the same
Car shelters or canopies come in different materials. They could be made from aluminum, steel, PVC or even wood. These materials provide advantages and disadvantages when used as the material for making canopies. You have to do some research to find out which type of temporary car shelter will work best for you.

Metal car shelters can withstand the elements
Metals such as steel and aluminum are great as materials for car shelters because they can withstand extreme wind speeds. Canopies of this material are typically easier to assemble too. The problem with using metals is they can corrode when exposed to rain. You can address this by either going for the pricier stainless-steel option or painting the metal with anti-rust. If you need a good permanent car shelter option, getting one in metal is a practical choice.

PVC car shelters are very mobile
If you want a car shelter that you can bring with you and is easily movable, you might want to consider one that is made of PVC. Car canopies made from this material are usually very easy to assemble and disassemble. It is lightweight to boot. They are not meant to be used for a long time though. They are just best for temporary use.

Wood is a versatile material for car shelters
Choosing wood as the material for a car shelter is very stylish. It can go well with wooden structures like log cabins. With the right design, it can resist even the strongest of winds. It can even be waterproof if you apply a protective coating such as varnish. It can either be for short-term or long-term use depending on how you built it. As for the price, the kind of wood that is used to build the car shelter would determine how cheap or expensive it will be. Oak may be a pretty pricey choice but pine is more affordable.

How do you know which material is best for your portable car shelter?
 If you will use it in a place with high wind, go for metal or wooden one. For temporary use, PVC car shelters might be more up your alley.